A Valorous Hero Event, Mega Pinsir and Shiny Tapu Fini Debut in Pokémon GO

Mega Pinsir and Shiny Tapu Fini make their debut with a raid-focused event!
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Ponyta with a red collar next to a medallion featuring the team Valor logo all in front of a green field

Niantic has announced the Pokémon GO event "A Valorous Hero" which features Candela, the leader of Team Valor. During this event you'll have to focus on powering up and battling Pokémon. Additionally, this event will give us the debut of Shiny Tapu Fini, and Mega Pinsir.

Raids and Bonuses

The event begins May 11, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. and will end on Wednesday 17, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. (both in local time). The event will give a 2x Catch Candy Bonus and an increased Candy XL rate. A lot of regional variants will be appearing in raids as well. Here are the raids:

  • One-star raids:
    • Hisuian Growlithe
    • Galarian Ponyta (shiny eligible)
    • Hoothoot (shiny eligible)
  • Three-star raids:
    • Galarian Stunfisk (shiny eligible)
    • Druddigon (shiny eligible)
    • Hisuian Braviary (shiny eligible)
    • Hisuian Avalugg (shiny eligible)
  • Five-star raids:
    • Tapu-Fini (shiny eligible)
  • Mega raids:
    • Mega Pinsir (shiny eligible)

Special Research Story and Timed Research

A special research featuring Candela will also be available during the event. You'll be rewarded with a Ponyta wearing a Candela-themed accessory. It can be shiny, but you only get one shot at it the whole event, so to the rare few who actually get it!

There will also be a timed research available, where you can get a wonderful Charged TM and a Fast TM (wow! so generous!).


This event is somewhat on par with the ones featuring the other two team leaders, but at least this one adds some cool Pokémon to the raid pool! Time to go out and get some shinies!

a shiny mega gardevoir in front of a blue background
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