Flutter Mane and Iron Jugulis in Tera Raids

Flutter Mane and Iron Jugulis Raids with Mass Outbreaks Event in Scarlet and Violet

Who said Scarlet and Violet events were dead?
Hisuian Typhlosian, Samurott, and Decidueye in front of some water for the new Timeless Travels Pokemon Go season

Timeless Travels Revealed for Newest Pokémon GO Season

Lots of Pokémon from the Hisui region will be making their debut and more!
Hisuian Samurott in a 7 star raid battle

Hisuian Samurott Revealed as the Next 7 Star Tera Raid

Get a Hisuian Samurott with the Mightiest Mark is splashing down soon!
Dragapult, Dreepy, and Drakloak all flying above a body of water

Free Dragapult Available for Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift

You can get a free Dragapult to add to your collection!
Scarlet and Violet DLC (Hidden Treasure of Area Zero) Promotional Art - Featuring lots of pokemon and characters

The Indigo Disk (Pt. 2 of Scarlet and Violet's DLC) Launches in December

Get ready for some serious battles as The Indigo Disk launches just in time for Christmas!
an image of Polchageist looking spooky on a misty green background

Poltchageist, a Sinistea Divergence, Revealed for Scarlet and Violet DLC

A new divergence in tea Pokémon has been discovered, Matcha sounds tasty...
Ash and Pikachu in a sunset

The Pokémon Company Might Consider Slowing Release Schedule

With Scarlet and Violet's embarrassing release, maybe The Pokémon Company should slow down
New Terastallization featuring all types

New Tera Type and More Revealed for Scarlet and Violet DLC

A new Tera Type? Lots of returning Pokémon? This is exciting!
An advertisement for the Pokémon Presents on a black background with neon purple lettering

Pokémon Presents Confirmed for August 8, 2023

The teaser shows some glitchy and neon lights, what is going on?
Froakie in a serene pool advertising Pokémon GO community day

Froakie Confirmed for August 2023 Community Day in Pokémon GO

The Bubble Frog Pokémon with Hydro Cannon!
Ponyta with a red collar next to a medallion featuring the team Valor logo all in front of a green field

A Valorous Hero Event, Mega Pinsir and Shiny Tapu Fini Debut in Pokémon GO

Mega Pinsir and Shiny Tapu Fini make their debut with a raid-focused event!
A phone with Fennekin inside with a Pokéball. The logo for Pokémon Go appears along with the "Community Day Logo". Everything is in front of a forest landscape

Fennekin for Pokémon GO May 2023 Community Day

Time for the Fox Pokémon to get it's moment in the spotlight