Free Dragapult Available for Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift

You can get a free Dragapult to add to your collection!
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Dragapult, Dreepy, and Drakloak all flying above a body of water

In celebration of the Latin America Internal Championships, a free Dragapult is available via mystery gift for all Scarlet and Violet players! This Dragapult is based on the one used by Alex Gomez Berna during said championships. You'll find it with the best possible IVs in every stat (that's a 31/31/31/31/31/31!) and with EVs set just like Alex did.

To get your hands on it just use code LA1CPHANT0M4CE.

It comes with Tera Blast, Dragon Darts, Phantom Force, and U-turn while holding a Choice Band at level 50. It also has the Battle Champion ribbon, which is a great ribbon to have!

Dragapult is a great addition to have on your team, and a perfect one in a Cherish Ball is always welcome!

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