New Tera Type and More Revealed for Scarlet and Violet DLC

A new Tera Type? Lots of returning Pokémon? This is exciting!
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New Terastallization featuring all types

At the Closing Ceremony of the Pokémon World Championships, a new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's DLC was revealed. It showed off some of the new battle mechanics as well as some of the returning Pokémon. You can watch the trailer here, but we've also got a full breakdown in this article.

Also, as I'm writing this, I realized that I did not cover any of the updates revealed during the Pokémon Presents.... We'll make a big round-up post of everything we know so far soon! Anyway, here's the rundown:

Every Partner Pokémon Is Returning

The first thing shown off in the trailer is that partner (also known in the community as starter) Pokémon are returning. They will be returning in the second DLC and appear to be spawning in the new wild areas. So you'll be able to get them with marks and in any PokéBall you want!

An image of Tepig, Litten, and Turtwig

New Moves Were Announced

A few new moves that might have a place in competitive were announced as well.

First, Psychic Noise, a Psychic-type Move. Psychic Noise will deal damage, but has the secondary effect that stops a Pokémon from healing. We saw Gardevoir use the move.

Upper Hand, which looks like a Fighting-type move (though unconfirmed), will strike before a target's priority move. The trailer also showed that it causes flinching. This was used by Hariyama, and looks to be a good counter to Fake Out.

Raging Bolt has been given the new move Thunderclap, which is an Electric-type move that has priority (strikes first). Raging Bolt was also confirmed to be Electric and Dragon-type.

Iron Crown has been given the new move Tachyon Cutter, which appears to be a special Steel-type move, and is guaranteed to hit twice. This was shown to be able to disrupt Mimikyu's disguise and still KO it. Iron Crown was also confirmed to be Steel and Psychic-type.

New Terastallisation

A new Terastallization icon

Also teased was a new Terastallization mechanic. It appears to be using all 18 types, but no other details were given. Given the new Pokémon Terapagos has a form that shows all of the typing icons on its back, it is likely that it is the special Terastallization given to it. We don't know for sure, but it's still a really interesting mechanic.

The question is, will this type boost all typing, thus giving STAB to every move the Pokémon uses? Will more than just Terapagos be able to use it? We'll have to wait and see!

a shiny mega gardevoir in front of a blue background
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