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Moving Pokémon Between Saves Using One Home Account

Applicable Games:

Ever been frustrated with having 1 switch, but wanting to trade your stuff to a different save? Want to start a new save, but power level a Pokémon via your main save?

You can! All you need is one switch, two profiles, and a Home account. Follow the steps below to move Pokémon between saves without needing two Switches or needing a middleman for trades. Below is an example for Sword & Shield (SwSh).


  1. Open Home on with profile “A”
  2. On screen where it asks to select a game save - click your A profile icon
  3. This prompts you to select a user - select user 2 (B)
  4. Now select B’s save on SwSh
  5. Move Pokémon from save into (A) home account
  6. Save and quit
  7. Enter into home again with your main profile
  8. Select your main profile SwSh save
  9. Move Pokémon from home (that came from B) into A save
  10. Profit

Use Case:

  • This works whether the alternate profile has NSO or not
  • Works for any Pokémon game