Calculate the Chance of Catching a Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

This tool does all of the math to calculate your likelihood of catching a Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet (the Generation 9 games), including their DLC (The Teal Mask). You can select any Pokémon available in these games and any Poké Ball you wish. Simply fill out the rest of the information and it'll do all of the hard work for you.

Please note that this calculator only works for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and the DLC, no other Pokémon are included in the selection dropdown. Additional calculators for other games are planned soon!

100% remaining

If you used a move like False Swipe, move the bar to the far left.

This "backstrike" bonus also includes Pokémon caught "unaware" such as Snorlax.

The game caps this bonus at 400 entries (even with the DLC!), but this calculator can handle higher values for theoretical calculations.

Check this if facing a Box Legend, Ruin Legend, ex-Titan, Gimmighoul, The Loyal Three (in the DLC), or story-only Pokémon (i.e. fake Tatsugiri).

Select a Pokémon to start calculating catch rate!

Select a Poké Ball to start calculating catch rate!

Additional Notes

Catch mechanics have remained largely unchanged since Sword and Shield. However, Scarlet and Violet have removed a few things. There is no longer a difficulty modifier for raids as all Raid Pokémon are a guaranteed catch, they removed the penalty for having a lower-level Pokémon on the field, and they removed the catching charm.

They have also added a few new mechanics through Sandwich Powers, made a penalty system based on obtained badges and obedience level caps, added a bonus for Backstrike, and made Sandwich Powers and Backstrike not count for static encounters.

A more detailed post regarding these mechanics will be made in the future.