Walking Wake and Iron Leaves Have Returned, No Double Dipping

Get the latest Paradox Pokémon again! But only if you didn't before!
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Walking Wake and Iron Leaves in their tera raid setting

It's been a few months since the last time Walking Wake and Iron Leaves were available in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Last time, folks that had not yet updated the game were able to catch a Bad Egg, which has since been patched. These raids are only around for a few more weeks, so if you missed it (or caught one of the Bad Eggs) now's your chance! But if you already caught either of them, you won't be able to catch another.

The raids run until May 14, 11:59 GMT, so you have about two weeks to get them. These Pokémon come at level 75, are found in 5-Star raids, have 4 flawless (meaning set to 31) IVs, and can never be shiny. Walking Wake will be of the Water Tera Type, while Iron Leaves will be of the Psychic Tera Type.

There are some decent rewards as well, with guaranteed Exp. Candy L, Exp. Candy XL, some Tera Shards, and a low chance of some Ability Capsules and Bottle Caps.

Here are Walking Wake's Moves:

  • Hydro Steam
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Noble Roar
  • Flamethrower
  • Sunny Day (Additional)
  • Hydro Steam (Additional)

And here are Iron Leaves' Moves:

  • Psyblade
  • Leaf Blade
  • Megahorn
  • Swords Dance
  • Electric Terrain (Additional)
  • Psyblade (Additional)

The raids should be fairly easy, so have fun completing them with your friends!

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